Working With LightArt

"With discerning expertise in architecture, sculpture, and lighting, we specialize in understanding the vision for a space and use the art of light to accentuate the desired aesthetic."

LightArt Ryan Smith | President & Creative Director
Working with Lightart

Commissioned Work

A spirit of cutting-edge design and passion for excellence drives everything that happens at LightArt. For artisans and designers alike, the excitement lies in pushing the envelope on every custom piece, and finding entirely new ways to look at lighting.

The possibilities are endless, and we're ready to take on any custom challenge. Any shape, any color, any size, we will turn your unique lighting needs into reality. Anything is possible, let's make it happen.

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How to Place an Order

Call your Local Rep or our Seattle Studio to discuss your options, concept, timeline, & budget.

Specify quantity, size, & materials.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, AmEx, MasterCard, Discover, Check, or Wire Transfer. To begin processing the order, in most cases, we require a 50% deposit. When ordering LA2 or RTG, we require full payment up front due to the short lead time.

Sales Tax

Your state's sales tax will be billed unless we receive a valid tax-exempt/resale certificate.

Lead Times

RTG is 3 weeks, LA2 3-4 weeks or 4-6 weeks depending on material, Studio typically 6-8 weeks, and Custom 8-12+ weeks.


Track an Order

Tracking info will be provided in the shipping confirmation email from your PM, typically the morning after it ships.

Quality Control

We offer shipping insurance and high quality crating and packaging to ensure your order arrives safely. We are committed to delivering the very best, and if any issues arise, we will do all we can to ensure you are satisfied.

Shipping Outside the USA

We ship to Canada, to any port in the US, and are able to do will call. We are happy to assist with coordinating international shipments with the service of your choice.

LightArt Shipping


Can I have LED lamps instead of CFL?

Yes! We offer all of our fixtures with an available LED option. Depending on the project, the cost for this varies. Please contact your local Sales Rep or a Project Manager for more information.

Can I get a custom color?

Yes! While some fixtures have restrictions on the type and gauge of material used, you are able to select from the thousands of color and material combinations available from 3form. Please contact your local Sales Rep or a Project Manager for samples, options, and a quote.

Can I get a custom size or shape?

Yes! You can order any of the fixtures in our Studio Collection in a custom size or commission a unique fixture to meet your specifications. However, please note that our standard sizes are designed based on optimal sheet yield to give you the best price. If you would like a custom size or shape, please contact your local Sales Rep or a Project Manager with your required dimensions to get a custom quote.

Why can’t I customize LA2 or RTG? Why do small changes add significant cost?

Our LA2 and RTG lines are standardized products that are carefully optimized for price and lead time. Any changes to the designs of these fixtures, even small ones, mean they are no longer part of the streamlined RTG/LA2 process, meaning added time to review the design, material changes, customized design drawings, and a customized workflow. Because of this, they are treated as part of our Studio Collection, and will incur higher development/fabrication costs as well as a longer lead time.

How does quantity affect price?

Price is closely tied to sheet yield, which is how many parts we can cut from one sheet. For example, when ordering a fixture in a custom material, we may be able to fit two or three sets of parts on one sheet, so the price difference to add that second or third would be low. However, sometimes adding just one more fixture may require an extra sheet, and therefore raise the unit price.

Ultimately, it is a matter of balancing the number of fixtures per sheet. Every fixture is different, so size and quantities can work together to lower the price. Typically, as quantities increase, the price per fixture gets better.

I am a lighting distributor, can I get a wholesale price? I am a designer, do I get a discount?

We offer a direct sales model, and everyone is offered the lowest price possible. Depending on the quantity ordered, you may be eligible for a lower price per fixture. Please contact your local Sales Rep or a Project Manager for more information and a quote.