Hotel Room Concept

Project Overview:

A concept for a guest room using an LA2 Zero, Spectrum Sconces, and an LA2 Table Lamp.


LA2 Zero-L - 44"dia x 4"h

Spectrum Sconce, Angle - L - 5"W x 4"D x 11.75"H

LA2 Table Lamp - 6"W x 6"D x 11.75"H


(as shown)

Varia Ecoresin hush cinder


LA2 Zero-L - 1/16” single walled construction
Fully enclosed top and bottom diffusers
Stainless steel canopy mounts to round electrical
junction box with power cord attached to fixtures. (3) 3/64” cable to canopy adjustable 24”-96”

Spectrum Sconce, Angle - L - Powdercoated backplate mounts to junction box in wall

LA2 Table Lamp - N/A


LA2 Zero-L - Fully integrated, solid state LED system. 120-277 volt dimming

Spectrum Sconce, Angle - L - Not Included

LA2 Table Lamp - (1) 13w E26 CFL Spring 120v 3500k