Linear Ribbon - Law Office

Project Overview:

Location: Seattle, WA

This project began as an expression of perforated metal shapes as a ceiling installation. Once, however, the designers were introduced to the possibilities of LightArt, they soon became excited at the idea of using backlit resin material to achieve a warmer, luminous solution. Spanning 48' of overhead light, this piece is one of many examples of our no-boundaries approach. Bringing organic shapes and natural texture through confined corporate spaces that might otherwise seem cold and narrow, the piece acts as a sinuous river of light - an elegant solution to a unique challenge.

Photo: Scott Leen


48’-0”L x 12-14"W x 18”H


(as shown)

Varia Ecoresin tanaka + sable
Varia Ecoresin sable + sable
Varia Ecoresin drift brown
Varia Ecoresin nutmeg
Varia Ecoresin linea ochre


(5) Matte silver canopies mount to round electrical junction box (provided by others) with (72) adjustable 1/16” cables to ceiling connection 12” to 8’-0”.


(72) 23W GU24 base, CFL 120v 3500K